We’re an entertainment idea house for our Clients’ requirements, big or small!

Take full advantage of our pool of talents and benefit our industry knowledge.
Book with us for free* stage management assistance!

  • Professional Emcees / Masters of Ceremonies
  • Actors / Theatre Celebrities
  • Bands (80s, pop, rock, jazz, soul, indie etc)
  • Classical groups (quartets / orchestra)
  • Choir
  • Celebrity Singers
  • Dancers
    • Traditional e.g. Ethnic, Cultural
    • Contemporary e.g. Modern, Hip hop, Pole
    • Classical e.g. Tap, Ballet
    • Latin e.g. Salsa, Capoeira
    • Paper doll
  • Instrumentalists
  • Singer Songwriters
  • Magicians, clowns, stilt walkers, other.

For speedy response, text +6017 six23 zero288 or email openmickl [at] gmail [dot] com.
* Applies for entertainment budgets of all amounts, negotiable depending on each Client’s requirements.