Hire us to design a Festival or Event just for your brand. We’ve structured programs for clients to include international touring artists, regional stars, reality-show winners, in fact anyone you wish so long as the budget is right! Get the right buzz for your festival once you secure the right line-up!

Go International Festivals specialise in:

  • Community Events
  • Cultural Festivals
  • Music Festivals
  • Environmental Festivals
  • Urban Arts Festivals
  • E-sports Festivals

Thanks to our strategic network, our clients enjoy exclusive access to the largest network of artists and service suppliers in the country. TIP! Consider branding your product/organisation alongside some of the existing home-grown festivals:


FEYST: independent youth festival gathers over 500 musicians and 200 gamers in one place each year! Festival dates vary between May-October, depending on the partners signed on each year. Since 2008, the festival has successfully sent over 38 musicians and gamers to represent the country at international festivals like ESWC in France, DreamHack in Sweden, Digital Youth Award @ Shanghai World Expo and Malaysia Fest Sydney. After 5 years of supporting the gaming industry, the festival offers musicians instead, a chance to compete at the Global Battle of the Bands stage in Bangkok, Thailand.


Malaysian licensee, the Electronic Sports World Cup Malaysia is the gateway to the grand finale held inside PARIS GAMES WEEK every Autumn in Europe. ESWC is the leading e-sports arena for professional gamers in PC and console games like DotA, DotA2, Counter Strike 1.6, CS:GO, FIFA, Trackmania.


Malaysia Toys & Games Fair

Malaysia Toys & Games Fair







The 7-day Malaysia Toys & Games Fair brought together enthusiasts of all ages! Popular brands like Hasbro, Gandam and also Lego were featured, including a RC game challenge for the ‘big boys’.


The In-between Arts Festival is supported by Penang Global Tourism and brings together a melange of art, music, dance and culture to our living rooms and public spaces. Themed ‘Art in our Living Quarters’, the three-day festival is literally wedged in between the George Town Literary Festival (23-25 November) and the 9th Penang Island Jazz Festival (29 November – 2 December 2012) and brings together emerging acts to engage Penangites and visitors from right within their living spaces.


Rockin’ 4 the Environment was founded by international school teacher and environmental educator Kenny Peavy. Musicians come together to celebrate Earth Week every 3rd week of April to raise awareness and funds for animals!