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At Go International Group Dotcom, we believe in four values which intrinsically guide us towards better living resulting in healthy growth as a human being and as a corporate entity. It is through Sharing of Insights that we are able to conduct business effectively and with Integrity. Our team prides in embracing Love and Valour as its core values, and as a result are constantly able to brave new paths in search of innovative creative solutions, which contribute to brand building. And without a doubt, it is our love for what we do which finally makes us outshine the rest.

That’s why we are not just about execution. We focus on creating unique content + experiences [GO+Ux].

Our business model is simple. We find the bridge to connect brands and the target audience, then build an experience out of that connection. Our work tools are creativity + innovation in marketing communication, ground activation, electronic and traditional media engagement, content development & curation and almost always, creative technology deployment.

So although we’re traditional at heart, our outlook is futuristic. And that is why idea generation is part of our daily lives, as it helps us help brands leap into tomorrow’s market.