Case Study: #LIKEAGIRL

Feminine care brand P&G’s Always wanted to target the next generation of consumers. The company noticed an opportunity to support girls as they transition from puberty to young women.

The campaign uses television, print and social media, the centerpiece of #LikeAGirl is a video created by documentary filmmaker Lauren Greenfield in partnership with respected groups like UNESCO, Lean In and Girl Scouts of America.

  • The film generated more than 85 million views on YouTube from more than 150 countries.
  • After watching the video, 76% percent no longer saw the phrase negatively.
  • Two out of three men who watched the film said they’d now think twice before using “like a girl” as an insult.

The beauty of this particular campaign, was the use of a documentary-styled storytelling, making it compelling upon watching the various girls, young ladies and women and their responses. The beauty of humanity, reflected in their layers of experiences.

An Insider’s Hack

Earlier this month, Go International Group Dotcom founder and Chief Experience Officer Jasmine Low was invited to share her experiences at a session among Coach & Grow program cohort companies on PR and integrated marketing. She designed a 45-minute talk on “An Insider’s Hack to an Integrated Marketing Communication campaign”. Here’s the deck in slide share, and feel free to reach out to Jasmine with your comments, feedback or questions.

What is it that you wish to achieve now, in 100 days, in 1 year for your brand? It begins by asking the hard questions about your brand, your objectives, what you wish to achieve for your customers and your employees – in the short term, medium term and long term. Spend a day and work your business plan, map it all out with your team, ask questions, and draw it all out. Then revisit it weekly, monthly and quarterly just to check if the plan is working.