GoInternationalGroup.com has incubated AsiaFitnessToday.com – a fitness lifestyle startup since 2014. After 3 years of market research, development and testing out the product in the marketplace through fitness education and events, the team has rolled out the beta version of Asia Fitness Today – slated to be Asia’s No. 1 fitness media and activation company this Q4 2017.

Asia Fitness Today (AFT) is one of 400 companies selected by Cradle Fund Sdn Bhd, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Malaysian Ministry of Finance for the Coach n Grow program (CGP). Created by Chief Evangelist Dr. V. Sivapalan and CEO and Chief Explorer Renuka Sena of Proficeo, the program employs a team of coaches, partners and trainers to implement the CGP. CEO Renuka has been dubbed the entrepreneur’s “Iron Lady” and “Guru Besar” (headmistress) by the CGP Companies she worked with – a label she has grown to love – for constantly demanding more from each and every one of them.

Jasmine Low, Asia Fitness Today CEO and co-founder shared, “We have found the CGP program truly innovative and motivating. As an entrepreneur since I was 27, I’ve not had the time nor opportunity to be grilled by a Guru Besar and we sincerely appreciate the commitment that Ms Renu and her team have given us. An additional boon to the program is their CGP pay-it-forward program, that encourages companies in the same cohort to give back in way of service and advice to one another,”.

Asia Fitness Today (AFT) has one MAIN OBJECTIVE; and that is to Move Asia through fitness – safely and surely. Both founders have personal stories on why they each have committed to raising awareness about the importance of fitness and health. “Fitness is not just the state of your body, but the state of your mind”, said Nikki Yeo, AFT co-founder and ACE-certified fitness coach.

“We have developed a 100-day program for busy and sedentary corporate executives. It begins with simply changing a person’s mindset from living a sedentary lifestyle, to living one that involves movement, and feeling good about it. It’s only natural that once the person commits to moving, they would release dopamine and feel good,” she said.

On 5th November, AFT partnered with the prestigious OCBC Cycle Race Kuala Lumpur 2017, organised by Multigreen Events. Team AFT comprised of a fitness coach, four physiotherapists and two doctors who conducted the signature Moving Asia Movement Prep and Warm up sessions to the 2,200 participating cyclists.

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